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Our Services

Sharp at Work will assist you with the following services:

  • Temporary work
  • Outsourcing
  • Pay rolling
  • Recruitment
  • International recruitment

Temporary work

Temporary work is equivalent to flexibility. Do you need extra hands or can’t you tell if your needs for personnel will be the same today as next month? In that case temporary workers can be a good solution. Sharp at Work has an extended pool of flex workers with knowledge, experience and competencies in different fields of work, who can be deployed quickly. As soon as the appropriate temporary worker has been introduced and terms have been agreed on, you will receive a confirmation including when the temporary worker starts, for which price (per hour) and on what terms.

In case a temporary worker stays deployed for longer time period, in the first one and a half year you will keep the possibility to terminate the outplacement at any given time (Phase A). For employers it is important to know that, the longer a temporary worker stays deployed the more rights he or she gains. That is why after one and a half year temporary the outplacement agreement will be extended for a fixed time period (outsourcing principle). After three and a half years a temporary worker (automatically) is entitled to an employment agreement for an indefinite period.


You need staff for a longer time period, but you are not sure if it will more than six months. It’s a common issue. By outsourcing you can tackle the financial risks of employing staff on your own. You are the client where the work is done, but Sharp at Work is officially the employer. The flex employee will be hired for a fixed time period. We take care of recruitment of the candidates and all related administrative work. Of course you will choose the candidate of your choice.


Do you have potential employees of your own, who you don’t want or can‘t employ directly? Do you want to safe time and minimise risks? In that case pay rolling can be a good possibility. Pay rolling can be used in in various ways. You have to decide which responsibilities you will keep and which responsibilities are given to Sharp at Work. This concerns subjects like payroll administration, fixed or flexible hours and if you are willing to be responsible with regard to sickness and absence. Contact us for a tailor made advice.


In case of recruitment you outsource the time-consuming efforts of finding the right candidates for your vacancy. Do you have a job opportunity for which candidates are hard to find? Sharp at Work is continuously searching for quality staff and we are able to support you. Do you have a job opportunity where the labour market provides more than enough candidates? Let us do the recruitment preliminary phase and we will let you choose from the three best candidates.

International Recruitment

Are you operating in a labour sector where competent staff is scarce? We can offer a solution by finding talent and craftsmanship over the border. More and more companies are using English as the working language. Therefore European staff becomes more and more often a solution for hard to find people. Sharp at Work has specialists for international recruitment including support for practical issues with regard to employing international staff.